Friday, September 9, 2011

Casting update

Green, blue, pink and yesterday's cast color ended up being bright orange.  Claire is in the last week of her serial casting.  As I have mentioned, she is an idiopathic toe walker, so this is the treatment before surgery to get her muscle to lengthen.  Next week she will have her casts cut and her braces will put fitted.  She will have braces for 4-6 weeks.  The braces will be solid braces for the first couple of weeks until her ankles strengthen then they will hinge the braces for more maneuverability. The braces force her to walk on her whole foot.

Claire has two speech thearpy sessions per week.  One session that is individual and another session is with a group of other spectrum kids.  Yesterday, Claire told the new girl, Bree, who is just joining her group that she is getting braces after her casts.  Bree responses "cool!  I am getting braces for my teeth!"  This group of about 5 boys and now 2 girls cracks me up.  They are suppose to work on their speech by interacting with peers their age.  Well, autistic and spectrum kids have trouble socializing, so you can imagine what these sessions can sometimes be like.

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